Articles Written by The Rev. Jill K. H. Geoffrion, Ph.D.

2022. QR Codes for the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth. Labyrinth Pathways 16, 2023. The labyrinth hospitality team in Chartres, France created QR codes in French and English so that tourists and pilgrims alike could learn about the labyrinth and be invited to experience it for themselves.

2021. A Community Blessing of Our Home Labyrinth. Labyrinth Pathways 15, 10-15. Background information and dedication liturgy for the Hope Haven West Chapel Labyrinth in Deephaven, MN (USA).

2021. La Sainte Chemise, symbole du Chapitre de la Cathédrale. Alain P. Louët & Jill K. H. Geoffrion. On the Chartres Cathedral Website. (Ressources: Derniers Documents en bas de la page) Nos lecteurs pourront trouver ici ces symboles patiemment recensés et présents dans l’enceinte de notre Cathédrale. Ces informations permettront de mieux comprendre et sentir cette présence si prégnante, et l’omniprésence d’un chapitre auquel ce lieu doit tant et qui fut, à beaucoup d’égards, le grand gardien des traditions chartraines.

2021. Keeping Kern Current. Locating ‘Lost’ Labyrinths in Medieval Manuscripts. Jill K. H. Geoffrion & Alain P. Louët. Caerdroia 50: 11-25. Images and descriptions of 38 manuscript labyrinths from archives.

2021. A Mysterious Medieval Maiden. Alain P. Louët and Jill K. H. Geoffrion. Caerdroia 50: 67-68. The examination of an unusual medieval manuscript labyrinth and its surprising inhabitant.

2020. “The Lesser-Known Labyrinths of Chartres.” Labyrinth Pathways 14. 4-11.

2020. Medieval Marvels: Fifty-Three Eleven-Circuit Manuscript Labyrinths. Alain Pierre Louët and Jill K. H. Geoffrion. Caerdroia 49: 8-27. (pdf)  Consideration of an extensive group of labyrinths produced prior to 1500.

2018. “Walking a Labyrinth in St. Petersburg.” Labyrinth Pathways 12:29-34. (pdf)
A description of the Chartres-style labyrinth inlaid in the floor of the Lower Church of Feodorovskaya Icon Cathedral (also known as the Orthodox Cathedral of Our Lady of St. Theodore) in St. Petersburg, Russia.

2017. “Marian Imagery Around the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth.” Labyrinth Pathways 11:17-40 (pdf)
The experience of contemporary pilgrims as they walk with an awareness of the Marian imagery surrounding the labyrinth in the Chartres Cathedral.

2016. “Cambodia Labyrinth Experiences.” Labyrinth Pathways 10:51-58. (pdf)
A description and photos of ministers praying the labyrinth in Cambodia.

2016. “Labyrinth Doorways: Crossing the Threshold.” Alain Pierre Louët and Jill Kimberly Hartwell Geoffrion. Caerdroia 45:11-31. (pdf)
A consideration of the doorways of labyrinths depicted in medieval manuscripts.

2015. “The World’s Largest Labyrinths.” Labyrinth Pathways 9:15-18. (pdf)
A discussion of the labyrinth line drawings on the Nasca Plain in Peru.

2015. “The Beast Within.” Jill K H Geoffrion and Alain Pierre Louët. Caerdroia 44: 10-23. (pdf)
A consideration of the centers of labyrinths in medieval manuscripts, including the 10th-century labyrinth in Orléans BM 16.

2015. “Mysterious Circles At Chartres.” Jill K H Geoffrion and Alain Pierre Louët. Caerdroia 44:59. (pdf)
A consideration of six different graffiti formations that may relate to the stone labyrinth in the nave.

2014. “Inter-faith Labyrinth Prayer in Myanmar.” Labyrinth Pathways 8:9-15. (pdf)
This article explains the building of two temporary labyrinths at a community center in Yangon where students from at least four religious backgrounds (Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, and Christian) were invited to walk for love and peace.

2014. “The Pont-Chevron Mosaic Labyrinth.” Jill K H Geoffrion and Alain Pierre Louët. Caerdroia 42:30-36.(pdf)
Discussion of the elements and themes of a well-preserved Roman mosaic labyrinth in France.

2014. “The St. Euverte Labyrinth: Orléans.” Alain Pierre Louët and Jill K H Geoffrion. Caerdroia 42:57-58 (pdf).
Description of the 19th-century labyrinth.

2013. “Labyrinth Prayer: A Spiritual Tool for Christians in Myanmar.” Koinonia (A publication of CCIT, Falam Myanmar). (pdf)
An introduction to the labyrinth in the Myanmar context, including photos and a diagram of the labyrinth installed in the Chin Hills of northern Myanmar.

2013. “Myanmar Labyrinth Stories.” Labyrinth Pathways 7:30-36. (pdf)
A discussion of the introduction of contemporary labyrinths in Myanmar contexts.

2013. “Speaking without Using Words.” Myanmar Institute of Theology Women’s Journal. (pdf)
Listening to the women of Myanmar through contemplation of their portraits.

2012. “Praying the Labyrinth in Myanmar.” Myanmar Insititute of Theology Women’s Journal.
Suggestions for the practice of labyrinth prayer for first-time walkers.

2010. “The Petit Labyrinth Graffito of Chartres Cathedral.” Jill K H Geoffrion and Alain Pierre Louët. Caerdroia 40: 4-8. (pdf)
Introduction of a newly discovered labyrinth in the Chartres Cathedral

2010. “When Women Make Time To Pray the Labyrinth.” Myanmar Institute of Theology Women’s Journal, 166.
Introduction to labyrinth prayer, including suggested instructions and scriptures to meditate on during labyrinth walks.

2009. “Labyrinth Prayer: An Ancient Yet New Way to Pray.” Rays: Myanmar Institute of Theology 10:77-81.
Labyrinth history, usage, and experience.

2009. Labyrinth Prayers for Healing. An Article Written in Honor of the Prof. Rev. Dr. Sang Awr. Myanmar Institute of Theology Practical Theology Department. (Festschrift)
Discussion of different types of healing that are experienced through labyrinth usage.

2008. “Labyrinths in Churches.” Prepared for the Labyrinth Society Webpage.
Ways in which a church labyrinth can support and enhance the life of a congregation and its mission.

2008. “Praying the Labyrinth in the Democratic Republic of Congo.” Labyrinth Pathways 2 (2008): 5-7.
Discussion of the building and use of the temporary labyrinth next to HEAL Africa in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo.

2008. “El Camino de Santiago…When It Comes, Give Thanks.” Thin Places. Year 10, Issue 1, Number 53, 1-3.
The journey towards greater authenticity during a 38 day walk across northern Spain.

2003. “Praying Here, There, and Everywhere.” In Bless Sophia: Worship, Liturgy, and Ritual of the Re-Imagining Community (Minneapolis: Re-Imagining Community) 33.

2001. Adventuring to the Center and Back.

1995. “Embodied Prayers: Hands.” Reimagining 2:14.

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