Pilgrimages in France

Cluny, France ©Jill K H Geoffrion. Do not copy without permission.

France is full of pilgrimage sites.
I offer you information about some of the sites where I have had the joy of praying.

General Information that will be helpful for American travelers to France (or anywhere else)

Le Mont St. Michel

Lunar Eclipse, Supermoon

A series of introductions to contemplative walks in the Mont St. Michel Area, including a day-long pilgrimage across the bay.
Marche Vers Le Mont: Le pèlerinage et la prière dans un labyrinthe (pdf)
Marche Vers Le Mont: Marche comme un pèlerin (pdf)
Marche Vers Le Mont: Marche la traversée (pdf)
Marche Vers Le Mont: Marche vers la paix (pdf)
Marche Vers Le Mont: Marche à la suite de Christ (pdf)
Marche Vers Le Mont: Un résumé (pdf)

Pilgrimage to Mont St. Michel

PhotoLink to BlogExcerpt
Sunset, Mont St. Michel by Jill GeoffrionUnexpected BlessingsHeading out to watch the sun set in the Bay of Mont St. Michel I never imagined that I would be inspired not only by the beauty of the Mont, but also by the horses that brought life to the setting.
Pilgrims Arriving at Mont St. Michel by Jill GeoffrionSoaring and Remaining GroundedWalking across the bay to Mont St. Michel with the island, abbey, and its spire in sight lifts my heart and faith. As my feet sink in the mud for the first time, or I’m called to cross water that is moving quickly and looks deeper than my waist, I learn more about the concrete nature of walking with God.
Mont St. Michel, France by Jill GeoffrionOutside and InsidePilgrimages are physical journeys that invite spiritual movement. What I see outside is inspirational. What I find inside is even more powerful.
CCN Pilgrims walk labyrinth by Jill GeoffrionThe Labyrinth on PilgrimageThere are many ways to walk and pray. We readied ourselves for a pilgrimage across the Bay of Mont St. Michel by prayerfully walking a labyrinth.
Mont St. Michel from Across the Bay, France by Jill GeoffrionLooking AheadVision has amazing power. Patience and perseverance are easier to sustain when I know where I am going.
Pilgrimage to Mont St. Michel, France by Jill GeoffrionWe Find Our Way By Walking“Pilgrim, you find your way by walking,” is the heart of a chant for those who have left home. “Keep going,” I often say to myself. It helps me find my way.

French Labyrinths (Modern and Ancient)

St. Quentin Cathedral Labyrinth

Chartres Cathedral

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is awesome in the truest sense of the word! Information is available about how to get there, the Cathedral, town, and environs.

Chartres Cathedral in the fog by photographer Jill K H Geoffrion

Le Chemin Saint Jacques: French Camino Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela

Paris: Places of Pilgrimage and Spiritual Nurture

In and Near (within an hour of) the Town of Chartres