Pray with Jill Geoffrion: Be inspired to pray
using images from the Chartres Cathedral in France.

God thinks Adam sculpture, Chartres Cathedral, France photo by Jill K H Geoffrion

Through Jill’s Eyes: Be inspired to pray
using images of labyrinths from around the globe.

Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth photo by Jill K H Geoffrion

Nature Related Blogs

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Inside Volcano, Iceland by Jill GeoffrionHealing: Wonder in Dark Places A life-long dream came true as I was lowered into the dormant belly of the Brihnukagigur Volcano outside of Reykjavik, Iceland.
Waterfall, Bozeman, MontanaPraying in Montana: WaterWater makes life possible. Perhaps that’s why when I think of God, I think of water.
Grizzly Bear by Jill Geoffrion photographerPraying in Montana: Grizzly BearsWhile spending time watching Grizzly bears in a rescue center, God’s incredible creativity impressed me once again!
Horse head by Jill GeoffrionReflectionsWhen I look into the eyes of another being, life seems to make sense on a deeper level.
Mountains Cody Wyoming by Jill GeoffrionPraying in the MountainsThe words we memorize are always with us. As I was walking in the early morning, many verses from Scripture came back to me, guiding me gently and more deeply into God’s beautiful, creative presence.
Blood Moon Eclipse by Jill GeoffrionBlood Moon EclipseWhat kind of God imagines a world where things glow when light is obscured? One that I want to know!
Huka Falls by Jill GeoffrionTurbulenceThink of a place in your life that is more turbulent than you would like. Let this image speak to your anxiety. What prayers are emerging in your heart, mind, body, and imagination? Pray them now.
Purple Wildflower, MinnesotaReachingTo reach out in many directions at the same time is a beautiful way to grow.
Waterfall, Afton, MinnesotaParadoxThe sound of turbulent water creates a sense of peace. Paradox always brings me closer to truth.
Milk Thistle, Minnesota by Jill GeoffrionThistlesWhen burrowing into the flower of a thistle, it’s impossible for me to feel the sting of its prickles.
Ant on Apple BlossomsTogetherWho am I walking with? The answer can surprise.
White Flower, WisconsinPotentialThe hundreds of seeds developing in the center of this bud remind me that none of us knows our true potential.
Garden, Ootsburg, WisconsinTimingBeing in the right place at the right moment makes a world of difference. By paying attention to the moods of where I am, experience and appreciation is greatly enhanced.
Dragonfly on a Rose, WisconsinDelightWhat nourishes me can also create life for another. There is so much beauty in the way our world was created!
Sandhill Cranes FlyingCompanionshipWho I am with may seem so obvious that I can forget to pay attention.
Lily in Garden in WisconsinBlossomingThe beauty of what is, the possibility of what is to come, and the scent that opens to the present as well as to other places and times invite me to joy.
Queen Anne's LaceUnfurlingGrowth involves unfurling. When I can step back from the experiences that stretch me, many levels of beauty become obvious.
Sower and Seeds, Stained GlassSeedsWanting everything to turn out well, just as hoping every seed planted will grow, is normal. Accepting complexity, unpredictability, and disappointment as a normal parts of life helps me to cope with difficulties.
Cicada, MinnesotaEncounterLooking another in the eyes means risking relationship. It’s what I want, but the commitment to being present to whatever I discover there also feels frightening.
Sun streaming through the cloudsShiningClouds may block the sun, yet they can’t erase its presence. As the wind forces change, beauty pours from behind, reaching me with hope.
Iguazu National Park Falls, ArgentinaRelease (Iguazu Falls)Letting go into the unknown is often frightening. As unlikely as it seems, I find comfort knowing that living and dying involve releasing ourselves into what we can not control.
White water lily FloweringThere is always unexpected beauty on the inside, but I don’t know it until there is an opening.
Cormorant and PenguinsHomeComing home to my community feels exciting–and joyous.
Ripening FigsMaturingMaturity involves more than the passing of time. Placing myself in nurturing environments allows steady, healthy growth as I ripen and become ready to feed others.
Greater RheaGroundedLike this rhea, whose bird existence is complete even though it can not fly, I too can live fully even though there are things I will never be able to do or be.
Waves, RangiroraChurningCaught in an agitating situation, I can forget that swirling is one of nature’s tools for cleansing.
Young Koala. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary outside Brisbane, AustraliaRestingFinding time to draw myself in and rest, as counter-cultural as it may seem, is both natural and needed.
Colt on the La Rabida farmAlertWhen something changes in my environment, my ears perk up, My senses, and my intuition which they awaken, help me understand what to do. Sometimes they lead me to engage and sometimes to relax.
Dead tree roots, Ushuaia, ArgentinaDecayBeautiful vestiges of the past call me to accept decay and death as a vital part of life.
Desert, PeruRealityTo think of deserts, as I do, as limitless piles of golden sand, is to miss the complex subtlety of what deserts really are.
Strait of Magellan, ChileFoundWhen things open unexpectedly, joy spontaneously bubbles up, expressing itself in praise of the One who can unlock anything.
Pampas GrassFlexingSometimes the wind blows–hard. “Bend, but don’t break,” the words on our family crest remind me that responding to external forces with strength, flexibility, and balance is helpful.
Tree by the coast, Tahiti (French Polynesia)ReachingGrowing is more difficult than it sounds. I reach for the future and discover myself on a circuitous pathway.

Nature & Travel

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PhotoLink to BlogExcerpt
Iguazu Falls by Jill GeoffrionPraise: Iguazu FallsStanding in awe before the majesty of creation is one way to praise the Creator.
Argentinian Jay by Jill GeoffrionReally?So much is learned just by looking. As Henri Cartier Bresson, the French photographer, said, “I look, I look, I look. It is with my eyes that I understand.”
Clouds and Sky by Jill GeoffrionDarkness and LightThere is beauty in darkness. There is beauty in light. There is astounding beauty in the commingling of darkness and light.
Southern Giant Petral by Jill GeoffrionLeaning InTo ride the currents, what an experience! Resistance contributes to seeming effortlessness. Abandon and trust do too.
Imperial Cormorant by Jill GeoffrionBalanceWhere am I? Why is the challenge of holding internal and external realities in balance so hard?!
Magellan Penguins in Argentina by Jill GeoffironMoltingShedding of any kind requires patience, courage, and acceptance.
Burrowing Owl in Argentina by Jill GeoffrionApproachThis small Burrowing Owl watched me closely, just as I looked carefully at it. Calmly, step by step, I moved as close as possible.
Hanging Glacier, ChileChangingChange happens continually. The less I resist it, the more I appreciate its gifts.
Mountains, Patagonia, Chile by Jill GeoffrionSubtleOne of the games I love to play is, “How many shades of green can I see in this scene?” Subtlety is one of the joys of life.
Mountains in the Chilean Fjords by Jill Geoffiron GeoContemplationSometimes there is nothing to say, nothing to do. Only to appreciate.
Hanging Glacier, ChilePowerThe power of glaciers and wind to reform the earth is astounding.
Glacier, Chilean Fjord, by Jill GeoffrionPresenceWhat does one thousand years of history taste like? Cool and fresh!
Monkey, Nasca Plain, PeruEyes to SeeWhy did the Nasca people (200 BCE-500 CE) draw immense shapes and figures on the plain and mountains in Peru? No one knows. These “drawings” are only visible from the air. As planes swoop down close to the land the figures come into view, but if one doesn’t know what to look for, one might never see them.
Crater on Easter Island by Jill GeoffrionEmbraced (Easter Island)Held securely within our mothers’ wombs, we begin our lives. Reminders of that first embrace, whether big or small, move us.
Rays, Bora Bora by Jill GeoffironFacing FearSensing danger can be instinctual. It can be imagined. It can be overcome.
To swim with rays, to run my hand over their smooth and rough skin, to experience their making eye contact invited me to reconsider, “What am I afraid of?