St. Chapelle Chapel in Paris by Photographer Jill K H Geoffrion

Visual creation was a part of my life even before I took my first photography class in 1971. Years later, when my professional mentor helped me to connect my creative processes with my contemplative prayer practice, I experienced a breakthrough. Perceiving my connection with God, waiting, seeing, and working to share what has been revealed describe my creative process. Sacred sites, including natural environments and praying bodies, make my heart sing and my shutter click! Beauty calls; I do my best to respond.

As I work visually, I seek to express the awe, curiosity, hope, insights, and faith that I have experienced and/or that have been given to me. Inspiring viewers to perceive sacred connections that are fresh, deep, and life-giving is what I long and work for.

My images have been published in books, magazines, scholarly and practical journal articles, blogs, websites, promotional materials, and private collections on five continents.

Are you interested in one or more of my photographs? I would be happy to discuss your project. Please use the contact form below.

American Church of Paris Labyrinth Walk Women by photographer Jill K H Geoffrion


Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota by photographer Jill K H Geoffrion

“Let your eye live and grow in God, and your soul will never shrivel. You can count on it to keep you alive, awake, and tender.” Hildegard of Bingen, correspondence