Living the Labyrinth

Cover of Living the Labyrinth by Jill Kimberly Hartwell Geoffrion

Foreword by Robert Ferré.
Cleveland: Pilgrim Press, 2000.
Retail Price: $16.95

Publisher’s description:

The follow-up to Praying the Labyrinth, Living the Labyrinth takes labyrinth users to the next plateau, encouraging them to expand the ways to explore the labyrinth, in brief, devotional-like chapters that may be used however the reader chooses — because, as Jill reminds us, there is not just one “right” way to live the labyrinth. The labyrinth has enriched the lives of spiritual seekers in ways that embody the love and wisdom of God. The more often the labyrinth is explored, the more one comes to appreciate the many possibilities it has to offer. With a foreword by labyrinth designer Robert Ferré, this book will inspire readers to discover the labyrinth’s abundant gifts again and again.

Section Headings:

1. Journeys to Creativity
2. The Sum Is More Than The Parts
3. Being with Others at the Labyrinth
4. This Could Happen To You
5. Embodied Explorations
6. Intentional Encounters with the Divine
7. Experiencing Outdoor Labyrinths
8. Opening To Wisdom
9. Biblical Meditations for Labyrinth Praying
10. Let Your Fingers Do The Walking
11.Try This!

Selection from Embodied Explorations:


Find out what happens
If you try to walk the labyrinth
With your eyes shut.

If you are walking on a canvas labyrinth,
Take off your shoes and socks.
As you slowly proceed,
Try to perceive the edges of the path.

If you are walking on a labyrinth with grass
or other natural path markers,
Use them as your guides.

What you learn about how to proceed
May be more important than arriving at your destination.”

Living the Labyrinth, page 32.

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