Pondering the Labyrinth: Questions to Pray on the Path

Cleveland: OH, Pilgrim Press, 2003
ISBN 0-8298-1539-2
Publisher’s address: Pilgrim Press, 230 Sheldon Road, Berea, OH 44017
Telephone (for ordering): 800-573-3394
The Pilgrim Press
List Price: $17.00



The fifth of Jill Geoffrion’s labyrinth books, Pondering the Labyrinth was written in response to expressed needs for resources that could be used at a labyrinth. Divided into four sections, About Labyrinths, Questions to Ponder As You Experience the Labyrinth, Questions to Ponder Away from the Labyrinth, and Questions to Ponder for Special Reasons, this book is highly accessible. Those encountering the labyrinth for the first time will find their questions answered while those who have been using the labyrinth will discover new approaches to their labyrinth experiences.


About Labyrinths
Questions Frequently Asked About Labyrinths
Questions to Ponder As You Experience the Labyrinth
Before Crossing the Threshold
Between the Threshold and the Center
In the Center
Between the Center and the Threshold
Before Exiting the Threshold
Questions to Ponder Away from the Labyrinth
Soon After
Across Time
Questions to Ponder for Special Reasons
Spiritual Exploration
Hebrew and Christian Scriptures
Special Days
Stoking the Flames of Your Creativity
Constructing a Labyrinth
Conceptual Questions
To Consider Before Starting Construction
Questions for the Labyrinth