Labyrinth And The Song of Songs

Cover Labyrinth and the Song of Songs by Jill K H Geoffrion
Cleveland: OH, Pilgrim Press. 2003.
ISBN 0-8298-1539-2
List Price: $17.00


Labyrinth and Song of Songs lays side by side the author’s poetry, prayers, and hymns which were inspired by the labyrinth and the Hebrew Scriptures love poem “Song of Songs.” Written in the voices of Lover, Beloved, and Friends, both works are personal, provocative, and invitational. Delight, longing, and love rise up to greet the reader.

Selections include:

Receiving Nourishment
A Labyrinth Dedication
True Devotion
More than the Sum of the Parts
Witnessing Others on the Labyrinth
A Mirror
Remembering with Anticipation
A Promise
What Is
Why You Have Come
Praying from the Center
Walking the Labyrinth (A Hymn Text)
I Understand…
Looking at God through the Labyrinth
What Are You?
Be Open
Divine Appreciation
Invitation to What?
Morning Devotion
Prayer for Women Limping the Labyrinth
Can I Walk the Labyrinth Today?
Here I Am, But Where Am I?
Witnessing Labyrinth Encounters in Chartres Cathedral
I Know the Labyrinth As…
Digging the Labyrinth at Deep Haven
Brick and Grass Labyrinth in the Yard
A Question Worth Pondering
Sacred Geometry
What I Call You Besides “Labyrinth”
Walking the Labyrinth inside Chartres Cathedral
Witnessing Creativity
Heartbeat Lullaby
Growing on the Labyrinth
A Lover’s Letter
Circling the Labyrinth (Hymn)

From Labyrinth and Song of Songs:

I understand
as the floor,
gracefully I reach
across the nave.
On your way,
you walk over me
I await you,
“Follow the path,”
my stones beckon.
Shaped, formed,
hewn ever so carefully,
my lines and curves
invite your explorations.
Walk over me if you must.
Walk on me if you can.

Labyrinth and Song of Songs is currently out of print.

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