Christian Prayer and Labyrinths: Pathways to Faith, Hope and Love

Cover Christian Prayer and Labyrinths: Pathways to Faith, Hope, and Love by Jill K H Geoffrion

Line Drawings by Robert FerréLisa Gidlow Moriarty, and Jeff Saward
Cleveland: OH, Pilgrim Press, 2004
ISBN 0-8298-1539-2 List Price: $17.00
Cover Image by Cindy Pavlinac


Geoffrion has created another groundbreaking book designed specifically for Christians who would like to use the labyrinth for personal meditation or communal Christian worship. She begins with a brief summary of the Christian history of labyrinths, and from there, offers both Hebrew and Christian Scripture texts with a question and prayer connected to each Scripture. There is also a section on experiencing Christ in the labyrinth that contains prayers and poems. Several line drawings of labyrinths and journal sheets are included.


Section 1: Introducing Labyrinths
A Quick Introduction to Labyrinths
Suggestions for Praying a Labyrinth
Labyrinths in Christian History
Contemporary Christian Usage of Labyrinths
Christian Theological Touchstones

Section 2: Becoming Familiar with Labyrinths
If You Haven’t Experienced a Labyrinth Before
A Suggested Method and Process of Praying the Labyrinth
Praying Labyrinths with Your Fingers or Eyes
The Chartres Labyrinth
A Seven-Circuit “Classical” Labyrinth
The Heart of Chartres Labyrinth
A Four-Circuit Labyrinth with Spiral Center
The Dancing Woman Labyrinth©
A Three-Circuit Labyrinth

Section 3: Individual Labyrinth Praying
Why I Pray the Labyrinth
Welcome to the Labyrinth
Suggested Approaches for Prayerful Labyrinth Encounters
Labyrinth Praying for Change
Praying God’s Name on the Labyrinth: An Invitation
Biblical Phrases To Use While Praying the Labyrinth

Section 4: Group Labyrinth Praying
A Circle of Praise Around the Labyrinth
Worshipping on the Labyrinth Using Psalm 103
Labyrinth Sweeping: Praying Towards Forgiveness

Section 5: Guided Labyrinth Praying: Scriptures, Questions & Prayers
Proverbs 23:19
Psalm 16:11
2 John 1:6
Psalm 23:3
Psalm 119:105
Micah 6:8
John 14:6
Psalm 18:36
Deuteronomy 11:18-19
Isaiah 30:21
Leviticus 26:12
Jeremiah 6:16
Isaiah 52:7
Proverbs 4:18
Psalm 25:4
3 John 1:3
Nehemiah 9:19
Isaiah 40:14
Psalm 119:45

Section 6: Experiencing Christ in the Labyrinth: Prayers & Poems
The Center
The Same Old Story of Faith
Christ of Earth, Christ of Sky
Morning Prayer on the Labyrinth
Being Here
My Nest
After Spending Time With Labyrinths
Transformation in the Labyrinth

Section 7: Labyrinth Dedications
Personal Canvas Labyrinth During a Gathering of Family and Friends
Chartres-Style Permanent Labyrinth In a Congregational Setting
Permanent Outdoor Labyrinth In a Home Setting
Canvas Labyrinth in a Hospital Setting
Minnesota Labyrinth Network Dedication Rituals

Section 8: Reflecting on Your Sacred Explorations
Journal Sheets for Your Use

Section 9: Learning More
Training Programs for Labyrinth Facilitators
Web and Other Labyrinth Resources

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