Presentations by Dr. Geoffrion

Presentations on Pilgrimage in English
Benediction for Pilgrims written by Dr. Jill Geoffrion (pdf)
Leaving a Pilgrimage Site: How To Transition with Intention (pdf)
Ritual for pilgrims to embody (pdf)
The Labyrinth of Pilgrimage: writing prompts at the end of a pilgrimage (pdf)
Spiritual Companionship (pdf)

Presentations on Pilgrimage in French
Marcher à la suite du Christ: Marche vers le Mont (Following Christ: Pilgrimage to Mont St. Michel, France) (pdf)
Marche comme un pèlerin (Walk as a pilgrim) (pdf)
Marche la traversée (Pilgrimage to Mont St. Michel across the tide flats, France) (pdf)
Marche vers la paix (Walk towards Peace on pilgrimage to Mont St. Michel) (pdf)
Marche vers le Mont: le résumé (A look back over the group pilgrimage to Mont St. Michel) (pdf)

Presentations on Prayer
Contemplation: The five postures of contemplation (pdf)
Contemplation: Les cinq postures de la contemplation (French version) (pdf)
Contemplation on Pilgrimage: Invitation to Deep Prayer (pdf)
Notre Père (The Lord’s Prayer in French Illustrated with Sculptures from the North Porch of the Chartres Cathedral) (pdf)

Presentations on Peace
Peace-Making from the Inside Out: Peace and Art Workshop in Yangon, Myanmar (pdf)
Peace with Those Closest To Us: A visual meditation with Luke 15 and questions for reflection (pdf)

Jill Kimberly Hartwell Geoffrion presenting in Chartres, France at the Retraite Cathédrale

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