Pilgrims’ Paths

and no one
is what we imagine at first.

More complicated,
less one-dimensional,
we emerge from praying resurrected,
although we didn’t realize we were dead.

Kilometers come and go,
opportunities are seized and missed,
we connect, we separate,
are filled, become empty—over and over.

Quiet and silence invite our presence,
sacred patterns invite our exploration,
metaphors, embodied in us, invite our honesty.

Searching, seeking, we reach out
to the waiting embrace of
Challenge, Hope, and Transformation.

Harmony rises before our bodies,
then resonates within us,
our memory hears it, feels it, sees it, recalls it fully.

Through the passageway of the heart,
we are arriving home

only to realize we need to keep moving.

Pilgrimage to Gaubert, France photographed by Jill Geoffrion
Poem and photo © Jill Kimberly Hartwell Geoffrion