Spiritual Excursions In and Around Chartres

Fulbert’s Burial Ground

Down the hill from the cathedral is the Église St. Pierre (St. Peter’s Church). 29, rue St. Pierre. It was once an abbey. Fulbert was buried there.

The church has limited hours for visiting. In 2009 they included 14h00-16h00 Monday to Friday and the first Sunday of the Month. There is a weekly mass in the church on Sunday mornings as well.

St Fulbert Placque St. Pierre Chartres
Placque about Fulbert in the nave
of Église St. Pierre, Chartres

(where the stone for the Cathedral was quarried)

Bercheres les Pierres sign France

Church in St. Brice: Église St. Martin Au Val

This church is one of the oldest places of worship in Chartres. It is about a thirty minute walk from the cathedral. It is open by appointment only. You can call the director of the hospital in St. Brice to make arrangements. (The Tourist Office can help you with current contact information.)The crypt is not open for visits.

St Brice, St. Martin Au Vol, France

Translation of Sign: The ancient church of the Monastery Saint-Martin, in one of the oldest places of Christian worship in Chartres. It has a beautiful crypt underneath the choir with Merovingien capitals and pre-Roman columns that were reused in the 10th century. There are sarcophagi from the 6th century.

Chemin de Saint Jacques/Camino de Santiago

Chartres to Compostelle
Sign directly across the street from the
cathedral.Only 1625k to go!

The Chemin/Camino goes right by the cathedral. You can walk a portion of it, or start here and walk all the way to Santiago.

There is a Friends of St. James Society(Les Amis de St. Jacques) in Chartres.

Philippe Frénaux (06-18-47-72-82), a local guide for the cathedral can be contacted if pilgrims to Compostella are interested in a free visits (in French) of the windows in the cathedral that relate to St. Jacques.

More information about the local group that supports pilgrims is available at the welcome desk in the cathedral and at the Tourist Office.

Eglise St. Jacques Beaujeville
Pilgrim holding the St. James Bouton

If you are interested, you can ask about the possibility of walking to the historic church of St. James in Barjoueville, 5.2 kilometers from Chartres. On the route the pilgrims take from Chartres to Compostela, this church has four representations of St. Jacques, including a 16th century “bouton” of St. Jacques. Pilgrims throughout the centuries have held this as they prayed before continuing on to Santiago. The church is locked, but Monsieur Frénaux has access to a key.

If you wish to visit the Église St. Jacques in Illiers which is generally open in the morning and afternoon, there is a gite where pilgrims to Compostella are welcomed overnight. You can contact the church for more information: 023-724-2591 (From the US +33 23 724-2591)


Germiny-des-Pres, France

Not too far from Orléans (and about 2 hours from Chartres) is a very lovely church that was built in 806 A.D. It is open daily: April–Oct 8.30–7pm; Nov–March 8.30am–5pm. In the shape of a Greek Cross, it was at one time the private oratory for Theodulf, who was one of Charlemagne’s counsellors, as well as bishop of Orléans and abbot of St. Benoît-sur-Loire (which is close by and definitely worth going to visit). There is a stunning mosaic in the front, but what I love best is the quiet, serene atmosphere. I highly recommend planning enough time for your visit so that you can linger and pray.

Le Coudray (next to Chartres) Le Seminaire des Barbelés (Seminary of the Barbed Wire)

Seminaire des Barbelés Franz Stock

+33 (0)6 15 17 52 14
Les Amis de Franz Stock
Seminary address: Rue des Bellangères 28630 Le Coudray (about 3 kilometers from Chartres)
Mailing address: 32 rue de Gord, Marie du Coudray 28640 Le Coudray

Situated on the grounds of an old military base. This site was used as a prisoner of war camp for the French in 1940-1944 and then for the Germans from 1944-1947. During the latter period Father Franz Stock (the former head of the German Catholic Church in Paris) led a Catholic seminary with over 400 candidates for the priesthood. The seminary chapel still exists. Many photographs and other displays are available for viewing as well.

From April 1-Oct. 31, Wednesdays and Satrudays from 14h30 to 18h00.
From November 1-March 31, Wednesdays and Satrudays from 14h30 to 16h00.
Visits and guided visits can be arranged by appointment.
Donations are welcome, but no entrance fee is charged.

Information provided by the Chartres Tourist Office.
Information provided by the Village of Le Coudray.
Download a pdf with relevant information to help you understand more on your visit.

Lèves, St. Lazare Church (Église Saint Lazare de Lèves)

This church, located in Lèves (a half-hour walk from Chartres), was rebuilt after the Second World War, except for the bell tower. It is known for its stined-glass windows, a covering of 228 square meters, designed in 1956 by Gabriel Loire, a world famous master glassworker in Chartres. These stained glass windows tell the story of the village. There are also windows relating to the life and ministry of Christ, St. Maurice, St. Gilles, and Saint Lazare. There is a brochure in French that describes each window.The church can be visited between Easter and the end of October from 15h00-17h00 on Thursdays and Saturdays. Members of the church are on hand to answer any questions. It may be open at other times, check with the tourist office in Chartres for more information.

Marys in and near Chartres

Mary, Table St Yves, Chartres

If you are looking for depictions of Mary beyond the walls of the Chartres Cathedral, they are relatively easy to find.

St. Benoît-sur-Loire (Abbey)
(A little more than an hour from Chartres by car)

St. Benoit Sur Loire Tower, France

Abbaye de Fleury
Telephone: 33 (0)2 38 35 72 43
Fax: 33 (0)2 38 35 77 71
Email: info@abbaye-fleury.com
Web: http://www.abbaye-fleury.com

This Romanesque Abbey is the home of an actively worshipping Benedictine community that invites you to join them in prayer. The community is also the guardian of the relics of St. Benedict who wrote the rule that governs many monasteries world-wide. The reliquary is in the crypt, a wonderful, meditative place for prayer.

Horaires des Offices Monastiques


Dimanches et Fêtes


6 h 30

Laudes (1/2 h)


7 h 15

8 h 10

Tierce (1/4 h)

9 h 00


12 h 00

Messe concélébrée en Grégorien (1h15)

11 h 00

14 h 30

None (souvent à la crypte1/4 h)


15 h 00


18 h 10

Vêpres (1/2 h)

18 h 10


21 h 00

Vigiles (1 h)


21 h 00

La messe est chantée en Grégorien tous les jours.

Les Vêpres et les Laudes le sont quand il y a une très grande fête..

Participation des groupes aux offices: les groupes doivent être installés dans la basilique ou la crypte au plus tard 10 mn avant le début des célébrations.

Pendant celles-ci, photos et déplacements sont strictement interdits.