Making a Pilgrimage to Chartres Cathedral

Photos of the cathedral by Jill

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Pilgrimage Retreats To The Chartres Cathedral In France

Jill leads individual and group retreats at the Chartres Cathedral in English and French.

Contact Jillto discuss your dreams, needs and schedule.

April 16-23, 2016: French Speaking “Retraite Cathédrale” using the Ignatian Exercises.
Co-led with the Community of Chemin Neuf

Photo Gallery from the 2015 Retraite Cathédrale
Photo Gallery of Images from the Cathedral used with Ignatian Exercises Retreat

Photo Gallery of Pilgrimage Images from the Chartres Cathedral
Photo Gallery from 2012 Retraite Cathédrale
Photo gallery from 2011 group pilgrimage
Photo gallery from 2009 group pilgrimage

Description of one pilgrim’s experience in Chartres.

Pilgrim Packing List

On The Way To Chartres: Pilgrimage In Paris

Getting To Chartres by Car or Train (It’s Easy!)

Chartres Tourist Office & Services

Approaching Chatres Cathedral: Preparing to Enter

A Great Introduction to the Cathedral

Introduction Wikipedia en Francais

Chartres Cathedral: Helpful Information

Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth

Praying the Chartres Labyrinth: A Pilgrim’s Guide

Labyrinth Prayer Experience in Chartres Cathedral

Meeting Mary at Chartres: Photos and Writings by Jill

Mary, Notre Dame de Chartres: bibliographies relating to Mary at Chartres

Presentations and blogs on the Chartres Cathedral prepared by Jill

Some Questions That Have Been Asked in Preparation for Group Pilgrimages

Understanding Pilgrimage: Historical and Modern Practice of Pilgrimage in Chartres

Nourishment For the Body in Chartres

Hotels, Apartments, B & Bs, Camping, & Youth Hostel in Chartres: Places To Stay

Shops You Might Want To Visit In Chartres

Things To Do In Chartres (besides visiting the Cathedral)

Spiritual Excursions In and Around Chartres

Other Excusions Not Too Far From Chartres

Emergencies: In Case You Have An Emergency in Chartres (medical, car, etc.)

Extended Stays in Chartres: Information To Help You Feel Settled & At Home

Bibliography: Recommended Books in English About the Chartres Cathedral

Une biblographie sur la cathédrale de Chartres: Quelques livres conseillés par Jill

Jill’s Favorite Books in French Relating to Labyrinths