For Further Study: Favorite Audio, Video Tapes & DVDs Relating to the Labyrinth

Audio Tapes

Ferré, Robert (2000). Sacred Geometry: A lecture by Robert Ferré. St. Louis, MO, The St. Louis Labyrinth Project.
Robert gives a basic introduction to Sacred Geometry and goes through the meanings of the numbers of 1-4. Available through Labyrinth Enterprises.

Lonegren, Sig and Jeff Saward (November, 2001). Labyrinth Types and Terminology. The Labyrinth Society International Conference, Atlanta, GA, The Labyrinth Society.
Sig and Jeff Saward talk about basic labyrinth typology.
McMillen, Joan (1989.) Remembering the Way. Ceremony in Honor of the Labyrinth at Chartres. Menlo Park, CA, Joan Marie McMillen.
“To enter a labyrinth is to step into a rite almost as old as the human race. In the 12th century, a beautiful mandala-like version of tits ancient pattern was laid in the stone floor of the great Cathedral at Chartres. Pilgrims came from all over the Western world to walk it, asking for both physical healing and birth into the spirit-filled life that is our deepest dream. Remembering the Way is a new expression of this ancient ritual. Here are songs that lead us into the labyrinth, along the winding way to the mysterious Center and out again. Come. Join the dance.” Joan McMillen.
Available through Joan McMillen’s website.

Video Tapes & DVDs

(2003). Chartres Cathedral: A Sacred Geometry, Golden Age Publications.
“Filmed by an acclaimed BBC cameraman, it features haunting images and beautiful music, and advances challenging theories and discoveries by Professor Keith Critchlow, a leading expert in sacred architecture who has studied the mysteries of Chartres Cathedral for over forty years. Also featured is Malcolm Miller, author and longtime cathedral guide. …will inspire all students of architecture, religious studies, and the mysteries of life.” Publisher.

Artress, Lauren (2001). Rediscovering the Labyrinth. A Walking Meditation. San Francisco, GraceCom Media Ministry. (Video)
A great introduction to the labyrinth and its meanings for those who use it. Available through Veriditas.

Campbell, Scott (1996). Mazes and Labyrinths. A Search for the Center. Scottsdale, AZ, Lutz Limited. (Video)
“Spanning six continents, Mazes and Labyrinths visits stately palaces, beautiful castles, exotic gardens, magnificent cathedrals, even graveyards, exploring the meaning of the maze.” Lutz Limited.

Media, Janson. Chartres Cathedral. A Sacred Geometry: Golden Age Productions, 2003. DVD.
“…documentary film explores one of the most beautiful and mysterious cathedrals in the world, the famous Chartres Cathedral in France.” Publisher.

Chartres Labyringh Diagram by Robert Ferré

Drawing by Robert Ferré

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